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PS4 video Game Days Gone EU

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Get in the saddle and embark in a world torn apart by a deadly pandemic in the role of the bounty hunter Deacon, St. John
Cross the lands of the Nightmare on your bike from the alley, facing hordes of furious and visiting human settlements

PS4 MediEvil

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A success without the time arrives on PlayStation 4. Take on the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque, and defeat the army of the evil wizard Zarok. Back in the middle Ages to relive the great adventures of the first soldier of the King, and fight to restore peace in the kingdom of Gallowmere

PS4 Ghost of Tsushima

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An open world with breathtaking graphics to realistic settings
The dynamics of the game unique; you fight as a Samurai or as a Spectrum and refines the techniques of war with new weapons
An original story and addictive game with main and side missions

PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales

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In the last adventure in the universe of Marvel\'s Spider-Man, teenager Miles Morales deals with the move into her new home while she followed in the footsteps of his mentor, Peter Parker, to become the new Spider-Man. When a ferocious force threatens to destroy his new home.